Four easy steps to resolve your tax problems.

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We are on a mission to help individuals and businesses obtain relief and resolution from their IRS pressures and problems. Unlike many companies, we do not make promises that we cannot keep. Our sole focus is doing one thing as effectively as possible: resolving IRS related problems. We can help you with inconveniences ranging from penalties such as wage garnishments and bank levies, to helping you with unfiled back taxes. We are ready to help you get your sanity back; call us today @ 855.5.IRS.PRO / 855.547-7776

For the last couple of years, OIC Tax Services, a BBB accredited Tax Debt Company, has helped thousands of individuals and businesses nationwide achieve peace of mind by negotiating the best possible resolution of their IRS tax problems. When life’s circumstances land you in a position where you need the best IRS tax representation firm, you can trust us for affordable, effective and aggressive tax relief.

We understand the stress that comes along with IRS tax issues. When it comes to owing IRS debt, the more help you have on your side, the better off you are. OIC Tax Services in North Highlands California has protected hard-working people from IRS garnishments, banks levies and other tough situations. We have helped people to reduce millions of dollars in back taxes, penalties and interest. We have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and look to continue having that rating by conducting business the right way. We believe honesty and integrity are the core values that keep OIC Tax Services the elite tax service company around. Having a legitimate tax service company on your side that practices honorary core values is essential, and that is exactly what OIC Tax Services provides to their customers.

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We provide service at the highest level of honesty and integrity but it doesn’t stop there. OIC Tax Services also prides itself in being able to fight for the best outcome possible for every client we represent. Our team of professionals have a proven track record of negotiating with the IRS to quickly minimize large debts into manageable amounts, reducing costs, time and most importantly, countless hours of stress. No amount of debt is too big for OIC Tax Services to handle. We will stand up to the IRS and get you amazing results. Our team at OIC Tax Services has many years of experience in this arena. Let us go to work for you.

Remember, our initial consultation is always without cost to you. We are here to help you with your IRS situation without you feeling pressured. OIC Tax Services is ready to work with you to bring an end to your IRS situation. So don’t spent countless days stressing over your IRS tax situation. Let the tax specialists at OIC Tax Services find a solutions that will satisfy everyone involved. OIC Tax Services can help you anywhere in the the entire United States. To find out more about how OIC Tax Services can help, visit our contact page and we will set up your initial consultation.